Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet POS System Software


Finding a cost-effective and concise payment system is one of the biggest challenges customer-facing businesses face, and tablet POS systems offer just that. It can not only improve your ROI but assist in maximizing labour efficiency and meeting targeted sales.

Tablet POS system software requires equally elegant hardware (i.e., the tablets) to work efficiently. They allow you to forgo bulky systems, like PCs, and use lightweight and portable tablets to manage both your business and payments.

But using tablets as a POS system has certain advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to consider both before you switch to a tablet POS system.


What Are the Advantages of a Tablet POS system?

Here are some advantages of having a tablet POS system.


1. It’s Less Expensive than Traditional POS systems

Traditional and fixed POS systems are not only bulky but can also be expensive if you are setting up several POS stations or looking to open new units.

There are additional costs, including software licences, equipment, set-up, staff training, and yearly maintenance. The cost of a tablet POS system is almost 10 times less than that. It works on SaaS where you don’t need to invest a huge sum initially. And a monthly software subscription makes it affordable even for small businesses.

If you already own a tablet, you won’t have to buy one for your payment system. Most POS software can be easily integrated into your devices, be it an iOS or an Android OS.

2. It Offers Flexibility and Transparency

Gone are the days when payment transactions were all done manually. With a tablet POS system, you can easily check your sales records anytime you want. You can also manage inventory and make sure everything is accounted for via the tablet. It also allows you to do customer analysis. And you can do all of this remotely, without being physically present at your business. You can also use, manage and monitor the operations via your phone.

3. It’s Easy to Upgrade

Installing or upgrading a traditional POS system is a tiresome task that requires an expert. Tablet POS system software, on the other hand, works via the cloud so you can upgrade it instantly yourself.

4. It Enhances Your Sales

In both the retail and hospitality sectors, timely and correct information is crucial. This not only improves customer service and satisfaction but boosts sales. Businesses can integrate several systems with their tablet to allow salespersons or managers to easily access information. Delivering information on demand improves conversion rates of patrons to customers, thus boosting sales.

5. It Increases Data Security

Tablet POS systems are both safe and secure. That means if the tablet is stolen or damaged, your data will be secure and available on the cloud. Traditional POS systems are unable to offer such security under those unfortunate circumstances.

6. It Improves System Integration

You can integrate many systems into tablet POS systems, including sales, accounting analysis, loyalty programs, and CRM. One tablet can be your barcode scanner, printer, and cash register; all you will need is to attach a card reader to the tablet.


What Are the Disadvantages of a Tablet POS system?


Tablet POS systems have some minor disadvantages, although these are easily overcome.

1. Tablets Can Be Misused

Employees may misuse the tablet by engaging with social media or playing games. Fortunately, there are security apps that only allow access to certain tablet apps and lock out the rest. Other apps allow you to remotely manage and control the device.

2. Tablets Can Be Damaged or Stolen

Although your data stays safe if your tablet is stolen or damaged, its compact and lightweight nature makes it easy to steal, but it can be replaced.

3. Staying on the POS Application Can Be Tricky

It is not always easy to keep the POS app upfront on the tablet screen at all times. With one swipe, it can get lost among its user interface. You can however fix this issue by using an app to keep the POS app in the foreground at all times.

Tablet POS systems offer businesses many benefits. They allow you to operate more efficiently, so you can deliver outstanding service every time. With everything available at your fingertips, you can better your business and even expand it. If you want to know more about this POS system, contact a payment solution company for further details.