Central to the Experience

Central to the Experience


Soft Tech Payments is built on the mission to empower Canadian merchants to grow their revenue as efficiently as possible. All of our products reflect this goal, as they aim to help you expedite your payment process. We want to help you spend less time organizing your finances and more time working on key decision-making for your company’s growth and success.

Dedicated to providing a comprehensive experience, we have curated payment solutions for every corner of your business. Including marketing, loyalty programs, gift-cards, POS, ecommerce, loan and credit, payroll, and more within our bundle of services, you can trust that we solve each and every one of your payment problems.

Your experience is our top priority, so we offer protection for your business when you trust us with your banking services. Our terminal and e-commerce payment solutions are equipped with secure processing and anti-fraud software to protect you and your customers. We also track fraudulent payments on your behalf, making it easier to dispute with your banking provider. Our developer API stores some of your business’s most sensitive information and we have invested in its security appropriately.

As a further testament to our trustworthiness, we have partnered with top-tier financial institutions across Canada who are key stakeholders in your company’s financial future. We maintain exceptional working relationships to help you access the resources you need to achieve your goals and streamline your finances.

To learn more about how we make your experience our top priority, we invite you to reach out to connect with any of our experts. We are happy to explain the security features of any of our solutions and how to combine multiple services into a comprehensive approach to your payment processing.