Card Machines

Verifone’s V400c is a high-end Engage countertop solution offering advanced features for small and mid-sized merchants.

The V400m offers business owners the ability to customize their POS system by providing individualized loyalty discounts, personalized offers, and more.

Both machines support debit and credit card payment processing.


Rent for $15

Purchase for $399


Rent for $25

Purchase for $749

Card Machines

The Ingenico Desk 5000 is an all-in-one countertop card reader that accepts a broad range of payment methods such as chip-and-sign, magstripe, and EMV chip-and-signature.

The Move 5000 is a credit card terminal that supports contactless cards, process chip cards, and PIN debit cards, and comes with an integrated printer.

Desk 5000

Rent for $19

Purchase for $749

Move 5000

Rent for $26

Purchase for $949

PAX A920

The PAX A920 terminal is a smart, secure, and ergonomically designed POS payment processing system that combines the features of an Android tablet with a POS payment terminal in a compact and sleek design. It has an integrated camera, high-capacity battery, and high-speed thermal printer suitable for retail environments.

PAX A920

Rent for $24

Purchase for $599


The Clover Flex is a secure POS system that can be used in the field, accept payments, and track sales – all from one device. It offers basic inventory management and take orders. You can also have all of your data and information at your fingertips on the cloud.

Clover Flex

Rent for $24

Purchase for $599

Credit Card & Debit Card
processing fees

In Person Shopping
The average card processing fee also referred to as a convenience fee, is starting from 0.20% + 5 cents for credit cards and 5 cents for debit cards of each in-person transaction a business owner pays to accept credit as payment. However, the payment processor may sometimes charge additional fees to simplify the payment. It’s a merchant fee charged to process all credit card payments and can be used by retail stores, restaurants, and cafés, along with businesses offering professional services when the payment is being made in person.
Online / Manual Entry
Business owners have to pay higher processing fees when a transaction is conducted online, which starts from 0.45% + 6 cents for credit cards and 6 cents for debit cards. It’s a merchant fee charged to successfully accept payments made via credit cards. The reason the rates for online transactions are higher than in-person payment processing fees is that there is a higher risk of fraud. Hence, the system requires more security to prevent this from happening. This is applicable when credit card payments are made on e-commerce websites or in retail stores when the customer might be unable to make the payment in person.
In Person ShoppingOnline / Manual Entry
Debit Card 5 cents 6 cents
Credit Card 0.20% + 5 Cents 0.45% + 6 Cents

*Sim card for wireless terminal $15 per month

*Application fees $99 ( one time )

*Monthly Fees $8 per month

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