Create simple, beautiful invoices that can be built on-the-fly and sent in seconds. Collect payments faster than ever before with Soft Tech Payments built-in, secure invoicing software.

  • Totally secure
  • Minimalist design
  • Made for speed

Improve invoice tracking

Not only is sending invoices easier but tracking paid and unpaid invoices is simplified. You can also send reminders to clients approaching the payment deadline, helping you to secure the payment on-time.

  • Send free reminders
  • Track all invoices
  • Fully autonomous system

Collect payments faster

With the ability to accept payments 24/7, your customers can pay in a flash. With optionality to pay via any device, any time, you’ll collect payments faster than ever before without having to lift a finger.

  • One-click payment
  • Use any device to pay
  • Seamless service experience

Please feel free to contact our accounting department for more information.