Pre-Paid Credit Cards

Use your Soft Tech Payments prepaid credit card like any other credit card—no questions asked. You can pay virtually anywhere, anytime. The best part? No overdraft or late fees, nor interest charges.


Protection against unauthorized purchases

Just like traditional credit cards, your Soft Tech Payments prepaid credit card is protected from unauthorized use. Take comfort that we have your back in the event of stolen account information.

  • Strong protection against fraud
  • Easy to use and reload
  • Accessible customer service

Use anywhere credit cards are accepted

There are no limitations to Soft Tech Payments prepaid credit card. Use it anywhere in the world traditional credit cards are accepted with the optionality of chip, pin, and contactless payment.

  • Ready when you are
  • Chip, pin, or contactless payment
  • Reload whenever you need to
  • Usable at ATMs

Please feel free to contact our credit card expert for more information.