Virtual Terminal

Transform your computer or mobile phone into a virtual terminal that can take any payment, any time. No physical customer required! Start manually processing credit card payments in seconds from your web browser and take advantage of remote billing.

  • Compatible with any device
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Accepts any credit card

Enjoy quick turnaround times

We match convenience with speed, meaning that you get paid faster. Collected funds are processed ASAP and can be in your company’s account within 24 hours. With no hidden fees, the payments you bill for match the funds you earn.

  • Expedited processing
  • Quick access to funds
  • No hidden fees

Take your business online

Online payment processing makes tracking sales easier than ever! Every payment you take is automatically tracked and organized for your records. If a fraudulent payment occurs, the card is tracked for your protection.

  • Automatic tracking
  • Secure processing
  • Saves you time

To learn more about our virtual terminal, please contact one of our dedicated representatives.