About Us

At Soft Tech Payment, our core goal is to empower merchants in Canada and around the world to grow their revenue as efficiently as possible.

We offer a suite of tools that enable sellers to easily accept all major forms of payment. Whether your customers use contactless, debit, credit, online, or Apple Pay, we’ve got you covered. For clients with more complex needs, we offer comprehensive POS technology that uses high-tech algorithms to not only track inventory, employees, tables, and customers, but also predict your businesses needs before they happen.

Your business journey matters to us. The golden rule of any business is to make money, so we’re dedicated to making that goal as achievable as possible for you. With transparent pricing and responsive customer service, we hope that our honest, customer-oriented approach resonates with you.



The best part about being in the technology industry is the constant innovation. With new hardware and software being introduced frequently, we strive to keep up with industry trends and provide only the best tools to our customers.



We strive for perfection 100% of the time, but we know that sometimes we might fall short. Our customer service team is on-call to rectify any concerns you might have with your payment tool(s) ASAP so that you can get back to selling!



We’re all small business owners here. As such, we aim to provide fair pricing and support organic growth with our operations. We believe in your company and want to provide you with the payment tools to make your goals a reality.

Service Area

United States
United Kingdom
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It’s your brand! Why sell someone else’s?

As one of the leading payment providers in North America, we’ve established strong ties with key stakeholders in your company’s financial future. We want to set you up for success and we access the partnerships and resources you need to exceed your sales goals and streamline your finances.

  • Access to top-tier financial institutions
  • Independent sales (ISO/MSP)
  • Integrated payment solutions (ISP)
  • Network of referral partners
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