Gift Card and Loyalty

We are proud partners of Givex in Canada and USA.

Start selling e-gift-cards and reap the benefits of boosted sales. Create beautiful, customized e-gift-cards in combination with loyalty programming to attract and retain your customer base.

  • No expiry dates
  • No activation fees
  • High-quality designs

Customizable gifting experience

You worked hard to brand your business, so naturally your gift-cards should be consistent with your professional style. Add your business, create a customized design, and you’re all-set to sell to customers.

  • Upload custom art
  • Simple standard templates
  • Physical or e-gift-cards

Comprehensive tracking

Like all of your other financials, your gift-cards will integrate seamlessly into Soft Tech Payments dashboard. All activity is automatically tracked in real time to simplify your decision-making.

  • Export full gift-card report
  • One-click dashboard access
  • Track activations, redemptions, and more

Please feel free to contact our artwork department for more information.