Contactless Payments Around the World

Contactless Payments Around the World


Did you know that approximately 80% of retailers within Canada have a debit terminal that is capable of near field communication (NFC)? As of recently, contactless payment has become all the rage and is now considered a very popular method of payment. There are many reasons as to why this is, and one of the main ones is because it is quick and simple. Abilities like “tap and go” and smartphone payments are on the rise and greatly encourage customers to buy.

We enjoy talking about Canada and its payment solutions, but what about in other places of the world? Are they offering similar advancements, or something completely different? To learn about what places around the world are offering in terms of contactless payment, Soft Tech Payment is here to help.

United Kingdom

The rate at which contactless payment is growing in the UK is quite fast. Matter of fact, it is growing at 27% a year and it’s estimated that almost 400 million pounds was spent in retail spaces via contactless payment. Statistics are widespread, meaning that people of all ages and groups are using this method at similar rates.


Most people are aware of the fact that the Japanese tend to be first in line when it comes to technological advancements — and contactless payments are no exception to that rule. Matter of fact, Sony offers the majority of NFC tech around the world with more than seventy million devices being located in Japan! From product advertising to small payments & orders, people in Japan use NFC nearly everywhere.


NFC statistics in Sweden may be larger than you think. Matter of fact, contactless debit and credit transactions make up around 10 billion euros in earnings. In this country, mobile wallet payments are extremely popular and are used for almost every mobile service in Sweden. An app that uses this type of payment method has over 1.2 million clients, which makes up about a quarter of the population in Sweden who use mobile phones.

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