The Future of Digital Payments


As technology is constantly growing and evolving, the future of payment solutions has big plans. Today merchants are developing easier and faster ways for consumers to make purchases. These ways will be convenient and save time for everyone who is involved. Soft Tech Payments is here today to present to you wearable innovations as a new source of payment technology that will make future shopping much more effortless and agile. Wearable technology will one day include rings, palms, sunglasses, and the face.

Paying with a Ring

Isn’t this a strange concept? Who would have thought being able to make payments with the ring on your finger could ever be possible. As a matter of fact, customers in the United Kingdom already use rings as a form of payment. Paying with a ring will allow you to purchase goods or public transport just with a wave of the hand. This ring will act as a personal prepaid MasterCard that one can add funds to. This type of ring does not have to be charged and it can even be used to open your front door.

Paying with Your Palms

“Keyo” is a biometric payment system that allows customers to purchase goods just by holding their palm over a scanner. This works as each individual has a unique palm that they can use as a form of payment. Therefore when businesses have a keyo scanner set up, all a customer has to do is scan their palm and their goods will be paid for. Right now, this type of technology is being tested in Chicago and it has big plans to expand across the world.

Paying with Sunglasses

Yes, you heard that correctly, technology is being created so that a customer can pay with the sunglasses they wear. Curious about how this works? Visa is developing a way to install a chip into the side of one’s sunglasses so that when a customer goes to purchase goods, all they have to do is take off the glasses and tap them on the terminal instead of using a card. This will allow one to travel freely without having to carry a purse or wallet.

Paying with Your Face

Samsung Electronics is working on using facial recognition software to make the payment process much easier. Just like mobile devices use a mix of facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and the eye right now to enable Samsung pay, Samsung believes that facial recognition will be much more accurate for payments. How awesome would it be just to use your face to process a payment?

How We Can Help

Here at Soft Tech Payments, our team is always keeping up to date selling the latest and greatest payment solutions. Have a look at our website today and view the different terminals and systems we have available for your business to purchase. If you have any general questions or further inquiries, please reach out to our team today at 1-888-886-0606.