How To Protect Yourself From Terminal Fraud

How To Protect Yourself From Terminal Fraud


When it comes to your everyday payment solutions at your business, chances are your transactions will be safe, secure and easy to go about. Even so, with today’s advancements in technology, it has gotten more and more difficult to tell the difference between fraudulent customers and regular customers. If you’re wanting to be sure that you keep your business safe from terminal fraud, we here at Soft Tech Payment have some tips to help with that.

Add a Password

One of the first and most important steps of making sure your terminal is secure is by adding a password into the system. The majority of terminals will arrive at your business with a premade password, but these passcodes are very similar across every model of terminal. This makes it extremely easy for hackers to hack into your terminal and commit fraud. Changing your password to one that is unique and difficult to encrypt is easy to do, super quick, and will add that crucial layer of security your business needs.

Keep an Eye on The Terminal When It’s Being Used

Giving someone privacy to enter their pin is an obvious thing you should do to respect customers, but fraudsters will often try to distract you from looking at the terminal. This is because they are likely trying to cancel the transaction so that they can access the terminal and refund/void a sale. In many cases, these hackers will move so quickly that you won’t even notice a fraudulent transaction has taken place. If they seem to be pressing more buttons than just the four for their PIN, make sure they aren’t trying to access your terminal’s central hub. Here, like we previously mentioned, they can void or refund a sale, stealing your business’s money.

Always Check Receipts

If you feel as though a payment was fishy and you suspect someone was being fraudulent, once the transaction goes through and the receipts get printed you can check their receipts and yours to make sure they match. You can also let staff know to check receipts before customers leave if you are noticing a surge in fraudulent payments. This ensures that the terminal has not been hacked into and that the payment was processed properly.

Let Our Team Help

If you follow the three tips that were mentioned above, you are that much closer to having a safe, secure business with every transaction made. Did you know, however, that there’s an even better way to ensure your payments are done in a secure manner? Here at Soft Tech Payment, we offer affordable, high tech terminals that offer only the most advanced and encrypted security features on the market. When you purchase our terminals, you are making sure you get secure, safe transactions every time. To learn more about how to buy a debit machine in Toronto with our team, be sure to phone our team at 1-888-886-0606 today!