Why Choose Soft Tech For Your Contactless Payment Solutions?


Contactless payment is the future of payment solutions. It is extremely easy to use and very efficient, making transactions on a debit terminal the most simple they have ever been in previous times. When you work with our company at Soft Tech Payment, you are getting the absolute best in quality and affordability when it comes to payment products and services. Vending machines, small businesses and drive through windows are just a few of the services we can help simplify.

You can find our products and services used all over Canada, within places such as apartment buildings and residential laundry areas. With shorter wait times, faster technology and extra safe security, the choice is easy. 

Upgrade Your Business Today

With a wide number of features and perks, why wait to upgrade your payment solutions? With the help of our team at Soft Tech Payments, you can get the absolute best out of your business, all for an amazing price. To find out more about our Simplified Payment Solutions and how we can help, be sure to call us today at 1-888-886-0606. We look forward to speaking with you!