Top Payment Processors In Canada

If you are looking for top business payment processing solutions in Canada, don’t look past First Data, Global Payments, and Chase Merchant Services (partnered with Soft Tech Payment).

First Data is a large electronic payment processing company popular among businesses for its payment processing terminals. They work towards developing innovative solutions to make payments faster, safer, and simpler to ensure their customers receive more value for every transaction.

Global Payment Systems are one of the largest third-party payment processor providers of debit and credit card transactions in the world. They help businesses of all sizes thrive by offering custom payment solutions that meet the requirements of businesses of all sizes.

Chase Merchant Services also offers payment processing solutions for e-commerce and retail businesses. Their processing systems offer simple solutions to manage your business and receive payments from customers.

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Global Payments
Whether you conduct business in person or online, Global Payments offers a simple API, allowing merchants to accept debit and credit cards along with other types of payments. Their value-added information processing services offer merchants convenience and help reduce overall processing costs.
First Data
Let your business grow with First Data’s (now known as Fiserv.) online, in-store, or on-the-go merchant acquiring solutions. They offer a payment gateway that is reliable, fast, secure, and can accept both debit and credit cards on POS terminals. Their detailed reporting and analytics will help your business operations run smoothly.
Chase payments
Chase Merchant Services offers business payment processing solutions and provides business analytics, data security solutions, and payment fraud detection. They are suitable for large enterprises and businesses and offer solutions that fit a company’s unique requirements and allow them to accept payments online, in-store, or on the go.

Why Choose a Payment Processing
Solution for Your Business?

The business payment processing solutions offered by SoftTech Payment allow businesses to accept debit and credit card payments. This makes them essential for all types of businesses including retail outlets, restaurants, cafés, those offering professional services, and e-commerce websites. This ensures customers have alternative payment options and can choose to pay via mobile wallets and smartphones too. Business owners can choose from a wide range of payment processing solutions to serve their customers. With our updated payment processors, businesses can stay ahead of their competition and offer full-service payment processors that operate at every level of the business’ growth phase. They can also choose to integrate payments with an existing system which enhances overall efficiency.

Need for Payment Processing Solutions

Debit and Credit
Card Machines

By investing in the credit card machines offered by SoftTech Payment, your business will become an established one in your industry and have more options to receive client payments. This will help expand your customer base and boost sales. Plus, credit cards are convenient and safe, so more and more of your customers will be using them. Moreover, credit card payment processing will help your business eliminate the risk of receiving bounced or bad cheques and prevent wasted time spent tracking down customers. At Soft Tech Payment, we offer a range of debit card payment processing machines that require low merchant processing fees to help your business save. And, since the transactions don’t take much time, your customers and business will enjoy a hassle-free experience. Plus, not all customers may have credit cards but almost everyone has a debit card which offers them the convenience of making purchases even when they might not be carrying cash.

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